The Devil’s in the Details

Why Certified Angus Beef

Ordinary steaks do not make extraordinary experiences. Our mission is to help you create memorable occasions and respect and honor the Angus beef industry. That is why we have partnered with Certified Angus Beef®,  an industry standard-bearer whose mission aligns with ours. CAB® has worked for decades not to sell more steaks, but to increase demand and awareness of the specification-based, branded-beef program identifying consistent, high-quality beef with superior taste. 

Certified Angus Beef® comes only from one breed of cattle, Black Angus. Even then, only 3 out of every 10 Black Angus Cattle meet the rigorous standards. Adhering to these standards — without exception —  reduces the risk of tough steak by nearly 300%. 

Certified Angus Beef® Criteria

  1. Evenly distributed marbling, modest or higher, to ensure juiciness, flavor, and tenderness 
  2. Medium or fine marbling texture to ensure quality in every bite 
  3. Only “A” maturity cattle under 30 months of age to deliver optimal tenderness and color
  4. 10 –16 square inch ribeye (up to 19 square inch can be accepted in select cases) to maintain uniform cuts 
  5. 1,050-pound or less hot carcass to minimize variation
  6. 1 inch or less of fat thickness to control the leanness and yield 
  7. Superior muscling limits light-muscled cattle for a premium, uniform plate presentation 
  8. Practically free of capillary rupture for the most appealing appearance 
  9. No dark cutters permitted to maintain consistent appearance and flavor 
  10. No neck hump exceeding 2 inches to safeguard against Brahman-influenced cattle (which have more variation in tenderness) 

Only cuts which achieve all 10 specifications may carry the name of Certified Angus beef®. Every pound of Certified Angus Beef® in the grocery store, restaurant, or food service facility is tracked to make sure the consumer receives the signature high quality. 

Want to take your steak experience to the next level? Try the top 3% of beef in the United States. Certified Angus Beef® brand Prime uses only high-quality Angus cattle to ensure superior consistency. It is sourced solely from “A” maturity cattle. Other USDA Prime steak has no maturity requirement, which can result in lack of tenderness. CAB® brand Prime requires finely textured beef, in addition to Slightly Abundant or higher marbling, to deliver flavor and juiciness while, USDA Prime only matches the marbling standard. CAB® brand Prime is also more selective than USDA Prime because it has to meet the nine additional CAB® standards that other Angus beef doesn’t have to meet.

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