Reverence makes life richer.

About VanMeter James

My earliest memories are of my family’s cattle farm. Racing bikes with my sister to the barn, to the creek. Helping Dad chop wood. Watching the sunrise through the fog in the morning and setting with an orange glow in the evening. I always knew that I wanted to return. As a cattle farmer, my respect for the land and the cattle grew deeper. My understanding deepened, too. I learned how to raise cattle with reverence. I learned that only the best bear the name of Certified Angus Beef®. And, I learned how to prepare the beef in a way that respects its journey and creates an unreplicable moment. On one of those memorable evenings on the farm the idea for VanMeter James was born: a one-stop-shop that would curate the best cuts, everything you need to know about them, and inspiration for preparing your next occasion — even if that occasion is a just-because Thursday night. We are a steak company that knows how to take something classic and turn it into something memorable. With specialty cuts and the insider knowledge to prepare and enjoy them, we deliver true taste to your table. Go all out, and come away with a story to tell.

~ Rudy Leake, Founder

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