VanMeter James featured in Nashville Lifestyles!

VanMeter James, a butcher shop in Lexington, Kentucky, offers specialty cut Certified Angus Beef® steaks.

From the best cuts and the sharpest accoutrements—to the insider knowledge on how to prepare and enjoy them—VanMeter James exists to help people connect over meals and the delivery of true taste to your table. 

"As a cattle farmer, my respect for the land and cattle grew deep," says Rudy Leake, founder of VanMeter James. "I learned to raise cattle with reverence and I learned that only the top 3 percent of steak bears the name Certified Angus Beef® Brand Prime. Through VanMeter James, I want to share my passion for life with customers and honor those producing Certified Angus Beef®."

Rudy Leake and VanMeter James donate $1 of every purchase to the Colvin Scholarship Fund, which has awarded more than 100 scholarships to students pursuing careers in agriculture.

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